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Governance & Accountability

Governance & Accountability

A government accountable to its citizens is one of the cornerstones of an open society—helping to ensure fairness, economic equality, and civic participation. The Open Society Foundations work with governments and businesses to advance transparency, rule of law, and good governance around the world.

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Open Society Voices

How Civil Society Came Together to Protect EU Whistleblowers

April 16, 2019 Peter Matjašič

It wasn’t easy, but thanks in part to a dedicated coalition of civil society actors, as well as a shift in public consciousness, greater protections for EU whistleblowers has been secured.

Jokes for Justice in Latin America

March 29, 2019 Felipe Cala

What role can humor play in promoting open society? In this video, Open Society Foundations grantees, staff, and partners explore how comedians and activists in Latin America use comedy to support human rights and democracy.

Using the Law to Empower the People of the Greater Mekong

March 25, 2019 Neung Kanmangmee

In a region of the world where governmental and corporate forces often trample the rights of marginalized communities, the Mekong Legal Network is working to ensure the rule of law is accessible to those who need it most.