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Rights & Justice

Rights & Justice

The Open Society Foundations advance human rights and justice around the world by advocating equality for minorities and women, supporting international war crimes tribunals, and helping institute national legal reforms to ensure freedom of information, promote sentencing alternatives, and protect the rights of criminal defendants.

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Open Society Institute–Baltimore marks 20 years with an event featuring former Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski and Color of Change executive director Rashad Robinson discussing the census, advocacy, and civic participation.

Open Society Voices

Why John Bolton’s Diatribe against the International Criminal Court Is Misleading, Misguided, and Wrong

September 14, 2018 James Goldston

The U.S. national security advisor has sown confusion and fury among defenders of the International Criminal Court. His crude attacks don’t just show contempt for the rule of law—they undercut U.S. interests.

A Victory for Equality in India Offers Lessons for the World

September 12, 2018 Maxim Anmeghichean

In light of the Supreme Court of India’s landmark decision decriminalizing homosexuality, advocates for equality should draw lessons on how citizens in the world’s largest democracy made bold and positive change a reality.

John McCain’s Profile in Courage

September 4, 2018 Stephen Rickard

The late U.S. senator left a complicated legacy. But throughout his career, McCain never wavered in his opposition to torture, or his support for human rights abroad. History will remember and honor these heroic stances.