Women in Black


Protesters and flowers arranged in a circle.


The third International conference “Network of Women’s Solidarity Against War,” held in Novi Sad. A vigil in the city square, Novi Sad, August 1994.

© Vesna Pavlović


A candlelight vigil.


The fourth international conference, “Network of Women’s Solidarity Against War,” held in Totovo Selo, Vojvodina. A vigil in the city square, Subotica, August 1995.

© Vesna Pavlović


A performer on a banner.


The eighth international conference, “Network of Women’s Solidarity Against War,” held in October 1999 in Ulcinj, Montenegro. Italian peace activist performing during the vigil in Podgorica, October 1999.

© Vesna Pavlović
Vesna Pavlović

Vesna Pavlović was born in 1970 in Yugoslavia. She studied film and television camera studies at the Academy of Drama Arts, Belgrade. Pavlović works primarily in two photographic genres: portrait and life photography. She has exhibited widely, with eight one woman shows and a number of group shows. She has contributed to a number of collaborative photographic, video, and art projects, such as Winter Diary, Sadness, L'origine du Monde, White Light/White Hit, and Zombietown. Her stills have been published in Dance Europe, Theater Heute, Facts, Die Zeit, Profil, and various Yugoslav daily newspapers and weekly magazines. Pavlović is currently involved in interactive community art work, and leads the Kaleidoscope Photographic Workshop.

Artist Statement

Vesna Pavlović

Living and working in Yugoslavia for the last 10 years has been a challenging experience. The opportunity to witness the historical events and experience people’s emotions of their daily lives, as well as being part of a society in flux, brings important dimensions to my work. The works I have created over the past ten years are both visual comments about the society and also reflections of the specific moments in Yugoslav history. 

In 1993 I became affiliated with the peace activist group, Women in Black, and have closely cooperated with them ever since. Women in Black has been silently present in the streets of Belgrade for the last nine years. Anti-war protests, silent Wednesday vigils, various workshops that engaged the education of women, support for refugees, and alternative international policy are just some of their activities. These photographs attempt to convey their strength, stillness, and visual presence of black color.

Vesna Pavlović, October 2000

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