Location: Africa

Location: Africa

A pair of worn of children shoes
Moving Walls 21
Shannon Jensen
A girl holds a letter in front of her face.
Moving Walls 6
Lori Grinker
Group of people observe court proceedings.
Moving Walls 19
Pete Muller
White vertical patterned short sleeved collared shirt, hat.
Moving Walls 18
Tadej Žnidarčič
Piles of paper behind woman at desk.
Moving Walls 17
Jan Banning
Men in hardhats. Yellow hat in the middle.
Moving Walls 16
Paolo Woods
A man surrounded by burnt wood.
Moving Walls 11
Lynsey Addario
A Nigerian romance novelist sits at her window
Moving Walls 23
Glenna Gordon
Workers on small boats.
Moving Walls 12
Kadir van Lohuizen
Two girls sitting in a tree.
Moving Walls 24
Rahima Gambo
A ritual procession of people in costume.
Moving Walls 3
Chester Higgins, Jr.
An armed man on a bunk bed in front of a landscape.
Moving Walls 6
Two men laughing near a couch.
Moving Walls 24
Eric Gyamfi
An exhausted prison guard asleep on a desk.
Moving Walls 20
Fernando Moleres
Three men sitting in a row.
Moving Walls 19
Greg Constantine
Person lying in roofless building.
Moving Walls 16
Stefano De Luigi
Women carrying ammunition.
Moving Walls 11
Tim Hetherington
Men praying in a church.
Moving Walls 18
Bénédicte Desrus
Four phones on table
Moving Walls 22
Edu Bayer
Image not available
Moving Walls 1
Gigi Cohen

Moving Walls is an annual documentary photography exhibition produced by the Open Society Foundations Documentary Photography Project. Moving Walls is exhibited at our offices in New York, London, and Washington, D.C., and includes five to nine discrete bodies of work.

Since 1998, the Moving Walls exhibition series has showcased nearly 200 photographers in 24 group exhibitions that align with the Open Society Foundations’ mission to advance human rights and social justice.

Are You a Photographer?

Please check back for details on the next call for proposals for Moving Walls.

Plan a Visit

Moving Walls 24: Here We Are will be open free of charge to the public at the Open Society Foundations–New York from October 4, 2017, to July 20, 2018.