Viewed with Suspicion: A Portrait Series

Police forces across England and Wales are using stop and search more than ever. Last year alone, the police carried out over two million stops, and a million stop and searches. At the same time, the proportion of these stops and searches that lead to an arrest has declined significantly.

Data also shows that black people are stopped at seven times the rate of white people. Asians are stopped at twice the rate of Whites.

The statistics are alarming. But what do they mean? What effect does stop and search have on those who are targeted?

A report by the Open Society Justice Initiative and StopWatch looks at the personal stories behind the numbers. Based on interviews with nine people—from London, Leicester, and Manchester— and featuring portraits by photojournalist Ed Kashi, the report documents the effects of stop and search.

The group is a small sample, but their stories echo the experiences lived every day by ordinary people who happen to fit the stereotypes that fuel ineffectual policing.