Algirdas Lipstas

Algirdas Lipstas joined the Media Program (now the Program on Independent Journalism) in 1997 as project manager in charge primarily of support to journalism training projects. This included work with mid-career journalism training institutions in Open Society’s “traditional region,” and building of a network of journalists’ training and media research/advocacy centers in South East Europe. In 2005, he was made a deputy director of the program, and in 2010 started to develop program’s portfolio of support to investigative journalism, which is now his primary programmatic responsibility.

Lipstas joined the program from the Open Society Foundation–Lithuania, where he was deputy director and oversaw several programs, including the media development program.

Prior to that he was an editor at the Lithuanian youth weekly Forumas and worked as a freelance journalist and a fixer for Lithuanian and foreign media. He started to work as a journalist while studying and was an editor of the Vilnius University newspaper between 1985 and 1989.

Lipstas has as MA in journalism from Vilnius University and was trained (BA equivalent) as an English–Lithuanian translator/interpreter.