Almaz Ismayilova

Almaz Ismayilova joined the Open Society Early Childhood Program as a program coordinator in September 2013. In her current role, Ismayilova supports the program’s international work in Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia, as well as relations with spin-off NGOs across the region.

Prior to joining the Open Society Foundations, she worked as a projects manager for the British Association for Early Childhood Education in the United Kingdom. In addition, Ismayilova has also worked for World Vision, the British Council, and the Open Society foundation in Azerbaijan, advocating for inclusive education reforms and managing pilot projects. As a member of a wider team, she has successfully advocated for the adoption of the National Action Plan on inclusive education in Azerbaijan and for the introduction of teacher assistant as a standard position in primary schools across the country. She has served as a consultant on UNICEF and World Bank–funded research projects and interned for the Center for Exceptional Children in Washington, D.C.

Ismayilova holds a BA (honors) in education/teaching, an MA (honors) in history from Baku State University, and an MPhil in education from the University of Cambridge, with a specialization in international perspectives on special and inclusive education.