Andrej Nosko

Andrej Nosko manages the Governance and Policy Debates Unit at the Open Society Initiative for Europe. Nosko supervises teams that focus on four areas: governance and countering state and regulatory capture in European Union countries; developing policy debates and supporting research to bring underrepresented or marginalized voices to current policy discussions regarding the future of European democracy; working with law enforcement groups to increase public trust in the police by having police forces that reflect the diversity of the communities they serve and that use coercive force and policing practices in an effective and limited manner; and reclaiming local public spheres in Central Europe to increase the ability of civil society organizations to strengthen, revive, and increase constituencies that support open society values.

Nosko’s academic interests include the political economy of security, new security threats, and the energy security policies of European countries. He has advised governments, lectured, and authored papers on energy policies of Central European countries. Prior to joining Open Society, Nosko led an international group of researchers advocating for closer transnational cooperation in improving energy security in Europe.

Nosko received his PhD in political science from Central European University in Budapest.