Anjum Halai

Anjum Hallai is a professor at Aga Khan University (AKU). She began her career in 1984 as a school mathematics teacher and in 1998 joined the Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED) in Pakistan and moved to the AKU-IED in Tanzania in 2009. Hallai has been an interim director and head of research at AKU and has played a significant role in developing AKU’s research culture.

Hallai has a deep understanding of and extensive experience with issues in education in disadvantaged contexts (often in developing countries) that have weak education infrastructure, gender, linguistic, and other forms of inequity with concomitant implications for the quality of mathematics teaching and grassroots learning. She has led or been a coleader of major research and development projects requiring close cooperation with the national education infrastructure. Her research interests are in issues of social justice in (mathematics) classrooms with learners marginalized on the basis of language, gender, conflict, or other forms of exclusion.

Hallai received a DPhil in education (mathematics) from Oxford University in 2001 and holds an MEd in education from Aga Khan University and bachelor’s degrees in teaching of mathematics and applied and pure mathematics from Bahauddin Zakarya University, Pakistan.