Borislav Petranov

Borislav Petranov is director of global rights and accountability for the Open Society Human Rights Initiative. His portfolio supports the organizations anchoring the human rights movement and work on transitional and international justice.

Before joining Open Society, Petranov reviewed protection systems for human rights defenders as a consultant to the Ford Foundation. He has also served as the Sigrid Rausing Trust’s deputy director and program director for civil and political rights, and as a Moscow-based program officer for human rights and justice at the Ford Foundation. At INTERIGHTS (the International Centre for the Legal Protection of Human Rights), he managed the organization’s work in Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on litigation before the European Court of Human Rights and various UN bodies, as well as on Europe-wide projects related to access to justice and legal aid, and anti-discrimination.

Working with colleagues on advisory bodies of the Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University and the Center for Reproductive Rights, Petranov has contributed to research and litigation strategies on reproductive rights, and on freedom of conscience and belief.

Petranov holds an LLM in international human rights law, with distinction, from the University of Essex. He was also a junior research fellow at Wolfson College, Oxford.