David Holiday

David Holiday is a senior regional advocacy officer in the Latin America Program at the Open Society Foundations, where he supports international advocacy, organized crime, and drug policy initiatives.

Throughout his career, Holiday has focused on human rights concerns around the world, primarily in Latin America. Prior to joining the Foundations, Holiday worked in Uzbekistan as the country representative for Counterpart International and in Afghanistan where he worked for the senior economic advisor to the president in support of the country’s National Development Strategy. 

Holiday spent nearly 20 years addressing civil society, human rights, and peace concerns in Central America. Before working in Central Asia, Holiday ran a project in El Salvador that supported civil society advocacy as well as transparency initiatives with the legislature and local governments. Holiday also worked for a USAID-funded project in support of civic advocacy organizations in the aftermath of the Guatemalan peace accords. During his tenure in El Salvador, he became the regional representative for Human Rights Watch, authoring or contributing to numerous human rights reports on El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua throughout the 1990s.