Denise Tomasini-Joshi

Denise Tomasini

Denise Tomasini-Joshi is a division director with the Open Society Public Health Program, where she leads the program’s work on health, law, and equality around the globe.

She was previously the deputy director of the Open Society International Harm Reduction Development Program, which supports the health and human rights of people who use drugs. She also served as a legal officer with the Open Society Justice Initiative’s National Criminal Justice Reform Program, where she worked to reform pretrial detention globally and develop safe alternatives to pretrial detention.

Prior to joining Open Society, Tomasini-Joshi was the assistant dean for public service at the New York University School of Law, where she also served as executive director for the Root-Tilden-Kern program and acting executive director for the Bickel and Brewer Latino Institute for Human Rights. She has also worked as a senior policy analyst for the landmark Criminal Justice/Mental Health Consensus Project, at the Council of State Governments, as a staff attorney at the Columbia University/Goddard-Riverside Tenant Assistance project, and for MFY Legal Service’s Mental Health Law project.

Tomasini-Joshi holds an MA in international affairs from Columbia University and a JD from the Columbia University School of Law.