Janet Haven

Janet Haven oversees the Information Program’s efforts to support the use of new technologies and information strategies by civil society actors through the Civil Society Communication Initiative. She follows developments in social media closely, tracking both threats and opportunities for civil society through engagement with this fast-moving space. Haven has led the development and launch of two recent initiatives within the Information Program on data and human rights, and on the impact of new technologies on transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement.

Prior to joining the Open Society Foundations in 2004, Haven spent several years in commercial software development project and product management, working in Central Europe with the open source Java IDE company, Netbeans, and subsequently Sun Microsystems, as well as with gaming companies Uproar and Flipside, and their eventual parent Vivendi International. In 1998, she received an MA from the University of Virginia, where she participated in a then-experimental program that explored the use of Internet technologies in the context of the study of the humanities. She holds a BA from Amherst College.