Jennifer Rasanathan

Jennifer Rasanthan

Jennifer Rasanathan is a program officer in the Open Society Public Health Program, working on access and accountability for health. She focuses on research and advocacy on sexual and reproductive health and rights, including HIV, pregnancy, and contraception.

Prior to joining Open Society, Rasanathan worked as a primary care physician in the Bronx, the most under-served district in the United States, where she directly witnessed the ill effects of costly health insurance and social disenfranchisement on her patients. She previously worked for UNAIDS and as a consultant on gender-based health inequities for the World Health Organization and its regional offices. In medical school, Rasanathan played a leadership role in The Quito Project, a civil society organization that conducts community-based research in partnership with local health officials and universities in Quito, Ecuador. Her publications encompass a range of topics related to sexual and reproductive health and rights, including a recent piece on a human rights-based response to the Zika epidemic. Her academic interests also include breastfeeding and migration.

Rasanathan holds an MD from the University of Michigan Medical School, where she graduated with academic distinction and distinction in service, and an MPH from the Harvard School of Public Health.