Katherine Acey

Katherine Acey is one of the founders and executive director emeritus of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. Under Acey’s leadership Astraea became one of the first foundations in the world to begin to provide funding to emerging LGBTI rights groups in the global East and South.  In 1990, Astraea established the nation's first Lesbian Writers Fund and in 1996, Astraea created The International Fund for Sexual Minorities—the only fund of its kind. In 2006, Astraea launched its U.S. Movement Building Initiative with a focus on support to people of color LGBT organizations. Acey has extensive experience building philanthropy both in support of LGBTI rights in the United States and globally. She has served as associate director of the North Star Fund, as the chair of the Women’s Funding Network, and Funders for LGBT issues.

Acey is currently a board member of the Human Rights Watch LGBT Programs Advisory Committee. Acey has been awarded the Cross Cultural Black Women’s Studies Institute for International Women’s Leadership Award, the NYC National Organization for Women Susan B. Anthony Award, and the Women & Philanthropy LEAD Award, among others.

Acey received her BA in sociology from Daemen College and her MS in community organizing from the Columbia University School of Social Work.