Luan Shllaku

Luan Shllaku is the executive director of the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society. He joined the foundation in March 1997 and was responsible for directing the Kosovo Educational Enrichment Program. In 1999, he was appointed executive director.

Previously, Shllaku worked in the field of environmental protection. From 1986 to 1992 he was acting director of the UNDP-sponsored environmental protection program in Kosovo. He was then appointed director of the Environmental Institute of Kosovo. From 1992 on, he worked as an environmental consultant for WHO, and has worked with several countries’ environmental ministries to develop strategic plans to improve environmental health services.

Shllaku graduated from University of Pristina, Faculty of Technology, and has specialized in aspects of environmental protection in London and Paris. He also teaches environmental management at the University of Pristina MA program for students of the Technological Faculty. He has published many articles and research work in Kosovo and abroad.