Madawi al-Rasheed

Madawi Al-Rasheed

Madawi al-Rasheed, a social anthropologist who is visiting professor at the Middle East Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science, will research and write a book tentatively titled Divine Politics: Mutations of Saudi Islamists. Her project tests the hypothesis that various changes (“mutations”) in attitudes among young, middle-class, Saudi Islamists, including many in the diaspora, can contribute to a process of democratization in the Kingdom and elsewhere in the region. Citing evidence that many young Saudis endorse civil society as a vehicle for peaceful change, al-Rasheed subverts the conventional view that Saudi Islamists are inherently anti-democratic.
Al-Rasheed is the author of A Most Masculine State: Gender, Politics and Religion Saudi Arabia (2013), Kingdom Without Borders: Saudi Arabia’s Political, Religious, and Media Frontiers (2008), and Contesting the Saudi State: Islamic Voices from a New Generation (2007).