Magdalena Majkowska-Tomkin

Magdalena Majkowska-Tomkin is division director for the Migration and Inclusion Unit of the Open Society Initiative for Europe, where she oversees the interrelated portfolios on the protection and rights of migrants, inclusion, and antidiscrimination.

Prior to joining the Open Society Foundations in 2016, Majkowska-Tomkin served as the chief of mission for the International Organization for Migration offices in Hungary and Slovenia. Prior to her appointment, she worked as the project manager and regional program officer for organization, focusing mainly on issues of labor migration and integration in Central Europe, the Western Balkans, and Western Europe. Majkowska-Tomkin began her career working on migration and refugee issues in Ireland, within the Integrating Ireland network of migrant and refugee support organizations, and with Metro Eireann, the multicultural magazine written by and for migrant communities.

Majkowska-Tomkin holds an MA in international relations and European studies from Central European University in Budapest, and a degree in sociology from Gdansk University in Poland