Manos Moschopoulos

Manos Moschopoulos is a senior program officer for the Open Society Initiative for Europe, leading the portfolio on the Protection and Rights of Migrants. Moschopoulos focuses on strengthening the resilience of long-standing actors during the refugee emergency, supporting efforts to monitor rights violations at European facilities and borders, and supporting organizations that safeguard migrants’ access to protection. He is also developing a portfolio that supports local communities in areas of high transit migration.

Moschopoulos has led the Open Society Initiative for Europe efforts on working class inclusion, community cohesion, and collective action in England. He has also worked on projects to support civil society organizations in Greece.

Moschopoulos has experience in youth activism and debate, and has run youth empowerment projects worldwide as a programs officer at the International Debate Education Association. He is also the founder of the Debating Society of Greece.

In addition to his civil society activities, Moschopoulos has been the editor-in-chief for a major graphic arts publication in Greece, taught forensics in high schools in Athens, and served on the National Olympics Committees Relations team at the Athens 2004 Olympics.

Moschopoulos has a BA in communication and computer information systems from the American College of Greece.