Piroska Hugyecz

Piroska Hugyecz provides programmatic and operational support to grants in the Inclusive Education and the Open Educational Resources portfolio of the Open Society Education Support Program. Hugyecz has coordinated the development of the resources project in collaboration with the Open Society Information Program and national advocacy projects in the Czech Republic, Moldova, and Slovakia.

Hugyecz has worked for the Education Support Program since 2004, when she started as an information communications and technology coordinator. She has been engaged in building internal online knowledge management systems, managed websites, and coordinated publishing and related communications activities. Hugyecz joined the Open Society Foundations in 1999 and worked for the Local Government Initiative on a regional information sharing tool for local governments in Central Eastern Europe supported by major international donors. Prior to Open Society, she worked as an administrator in the private sector and for the European Roma Rights Centre in Budapest.

Hugyecz graduated in history, English language and literature, and European studies from the University of Szeged, Hungary. She received her MA in European studies from Corvinus University, Hungary, with additional studies at Aalborg University, Denmark.