Redzep Ali Cupi

Redzep Ali Cupi serves as the director of the Directorate for the Promotion and Development of the Languages in the Education of Ethnic Minorities in the Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Macedonia. A lawyer by training, Ali Cupi has worked in many civil society led projects to support Roma inclusion. At the Forum for the Rights of Roma, he conducted voter registration and secured personal identification documents. He was a project assistant for the Foundation Open Society Macedonia’s Romaversitas project; and was the leader of an EU-funded project to support integration of ethnic communities in the educational system.

Ali Cupi has also been part of an EUMAP team collecting data and preparing the report Equal Opportunities to Quality Education for Roma (2d ed.) and was part of the expert group for the European Center for Minority Issues that published two studies on Roma and human rights. He is a frequent writer on the situation of Roma in Macedonia and the region. From 2009–2013, Ali Cupi served as a member of the Executive Board of the Foundation Open Society–Macedonia.