Remzi Lani

Lani Remzi

Remzi Lani is the executive director of the Albanian Media Institute. Until 2017, he was the chair of the board of the Open Society Foundation for Albania. He has a long career in journalism, working for publications such as Zeri i Rinise (Tirana), El Mundo (Madrid), and Zeri (Pristina). Lani also is the author of articles on Balkan affairs for different local and foreign papers and magazines. He was the first president of the South East Network of Media Centers and Media Institutes, which brings together 15 Media Institutes/ Media Centers from South Eastern Europe. Lani is a member of the Advisory Board of Balkan Trust or Democracy and a member of the Board of the World Association of Newspapers. In 1990, he was a founding member of the first human rights group in Albania, the Forum for Human Rights.

In addition to South Eastern Europe, Lani also has deep knowledge of the politics of Spain and Italy. He is a well-respected voice on issues of democracy and free speech in his country and across the region, and will strengthen connections between the Europe Advisory Board and the Open Society’s national foundations in Europe.