Sandra Dunsmore

Sandra Dunsmore is director of the Grant Making Support Group, a new unit within the Open Society Foundations created in September 2013. She first joined the organization in 2008 as regional director for Latin America. Her areas of expertise are democratic practice, conflict transformation, and peacebuilding.

Prior to joining the Open Society Foundations, Dunsmore acted as a consultant to various non-governmental organizations, including Open Society. She spent 13 years in Central America where she worked for the Organization of American States and the American Friends Service Committee, and consulted for the United Nations Development Program and USAID. Dunsmore then returned to her native Canada as president of the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre—a bilingual not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preparation of police, military, and civilians for participation in peace operations.

Dunsmore received her BA with honors from the University of Manitoba and an MA in anthropology from the same institution.