Simon Woolley

Simon Woolley is the cofounder and director of Operation Black Vote, the first comprehensive campaign to focus exclusively on the black and minority democratic deficit in the United Kingdom. Woolley is a board member of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and sits on the Children’s Commission panel studying school expulsions. He has initiated two successful government task forces: REACH, which looks at why some black youth are alienated, and Harriet Harman’s Black and Minority Ethnic Gender Committee, which looks at ways to improve political representation for black and minority ethnic women.

In 2002, Woolley was voted onto the Grass Roots Power List published by the Big Issue. He was also voted onto the London Evening Standard’s most influential 1000–2010/11/12, and the Black Powerlist 2012/13. Woolley writes for the Guardian, the Independent, the Huffington Post, and the African, Asian, and Caribbean press.