Violeta Naydenova

Violeta Naydenova has principal responsibility for tracking, analyzing, and devising strategies to influence how the European Union develops policies, funds initiatives, and crafts legislation that focus on Roma, social inclusion, and antidiscrimination.

In 2007 Naydenova joined the Open Society Roma Initiatives Office in Budapest, where she worked as a program manager, coordinating several capacity-building projects targeting young Roma students and graduates. She was selected for the 2010 Young Leaders Program of the Aspen Institute in Romania, following which she was awarded a scholarship to join the 2011 Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado, USA.

Naydenova graduated in audio-visual journalism from the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2004. During her studies she worked as a journalist for the Roma newspaper Drom Dromendar and volunteered as a reporter at the Bulgarian Television "Nova TV." She holds an MA in politics and society from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands.