Vladyslav Galushko

Vlad Galushko is a program manager at the Open Society Initiative for Europe, where he oversees the portfolio of organizational development grants within the Think Tank Fund for Wider Europe team.

Galushko started at the Open Society Foundations when he joined the Think Tank Fund in 2011, working on institutional and core support for think tanks in Moldova, Ukraine, and the South Caucasus. Prior to joining Open Society, Galushko was an analyst with the International Crisis Group, where he conducted policy research on Islamic radicalism, labor migration, ethnic strife, and socioeconomic issues in Central Asia. Galushko has previously worked with a number of international organizations in Ukraine on election monitoring, education reform, and scholarships. His areas of interest include civil society development, state and institution building processes, and security challenges in transitioning democracies.

He received a PhD in international studies from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.