Zeljko Jovanovic

Zeljko Jovanovic is director of the Open Society Roma Initiatives Office that supports Roma develop their civic leadership and voices to make a difference in the politics and policies of the European Union and European governments. Jovanovic comes from an ethnic Roma family who, through a belief in self-determination and education, moved from extreme poverty to the middle class in Serbia.

Before joining the Open Society Foundations in 2006, Jovanovic worked with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe and Catholic Relief Services. He also has established a local Roma organization and community radio; mentored and trained Roma for strategic advocacy, leadership, and management; volunteered for a Roma political party; and protested against the Milosevic regime.

Jovanovic holds an Oxford MA degree in public policy and a BA from Belgrade Law School in international law. He also has completed non-degree executive training programs such as a Harvard University’s program on strategic management for non-profit leaders.