Off the Map: How HIV/AIDS Programming is Failing Same-Sex Practicing People in Africa

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The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission's (IGLHRC) report Off the Map, supported by SHARP, explores the ways in which HIV/AIDS stakeholders are denying basic human rights to same-sex practicing people in Africa and potentially jeopardizing overall efforts to combat the AIDS epidemic. The report describes how same-sex desire and behavior have been criminalized in Africa, and looks at the small but important body of knowledge regarding same-sex transmission of HIV on the continent. The report shows that same-sex practicing men and women are at increased risk of contracting HIV not solely because of bio-sexual vulnerabilities, but as a result of an interlocking set of human rights violations that prevent access to effective HIV prevention, voluntary counseling and testing, treatment, and care. IGLHRC offers a set of detailed recommendations for African governments, foreign donors, international private voluntary organizations, and domestic AIDS service organizations designed to assist HIV/AIDS prevention and mitigation efforts among same-sex practicing people as well as in the broader community.