Report on Developments 2011

Report on Developments 2011

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This overview of the Open Society Justice Initiative's wide-ranging work uses personal stories to illustrate the organization's impact.

The book's eight narratives include those of Khaled El-Masri, a victim of extraordinary rendition seeking justice after being tortured by the CIA; Rosalind Williams, fighting racial discrimination by police in Spain; Sócrates Gonzalez, who was killed while being held in pretrial detention in Mexico; and Milan Makuc, stripped of his citizenship and left stateless by the government of Slovenia. Together, their stories and others in the book show how the Justice Initiative seeks to promote and protect human rights—and what happens when those rights are not protected.

The 32-page report also includes essays on human rights and the rule of law by Justice Initiative chairman Aryeh Neier and executive director James A. Goldston, summaries of the Justice Initiative's most significant court cases, and a guide to recent publications.