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Access to Knowledge

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Access to Knowledge

Access to knowledge is a founding principle of any open society. From classroom textbooks to scholarly research, legal information to scientific data, new technologies bring new opportunities for knowledge creation and dissemination. We support work that promotes access to knowledge, particularly among disadvantaged groups.

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Recent Work

Solutions Summit

The Open Society Institute–Baltimore will host a summit designed to create a community-driven blueprint for the new mayor and city council to address some of Baltimore’s most intractable issues.

Keeping the Internet Open for All in Pakistan  

Internet censorship in Pakistan is reaching new heights, threatening freedom of expression and the right to privacy.

The Scholarships That Launched the Open Society Foundations  

For over three decades, support for disenfranchised scholars has been a key endeavor of the foundations.

Solutions Summit: Jobs Forum

The Open Society Institute–Baltimore will host a half-day forum focused on issues related to jobs in anticipation of our full-day Solutions Summit.

The Politics of Evidence-Based Policymaking  

Paul Cairney discusses his new book, which investigates widespread and dangerous gaps between scientific evidence and reasonable policymaking responses.

Liberia’s Next Generation Finds Room to Grow  

Despite an array of life-threatening challenges, young children in Liberia are finding support in a country that’s making strides in early childhood development.