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Access to Knowledge

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Access to Knowledge

Access to knowledge is a founding principle of any open society. From classroom textbooks to scholarly research, legal information to scientific data, new technologies bring new opportunities for knowledge creation and dissemination. We support work that promotes access to knowledge, particularly among disadvantaged groups.

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Recent Work

Internet Governance: Measures Companies, Governments, and Citizens Should Take—and Their Pitfalls

UN expert David Kaye discusses his book on internet governance, including what to do about incitement, disinformation, repression, and surveillance. The future of human rights depends on how these challenges are addressed.

Talking About Race: A Conversation with Beverly Tatum and Sonja Santelises  

Baltimore City Public Schools CEO Sonja Santelises talks with Beverly Tatum about the role race plays in schools today and the relevance of Tatum’s work in majority African-American districts like Baltimore.

What Is “Open Access”?  

This alternative publishing model brings the results of scholarly research to unprecedented numbers of scientists, patients, inventors, academics, and others.

Education in Emergencies: Exploring Innovation, Opportunities, and Challenges  

Governments, philanthropies, the private sector, and civil society organizations need to urgently prioritize education in conflict-affected countries—so affected children still receive opportunities to pursue their education.

The EU’s New Privacy Rules Are Only a First Step

While the new rules governing how large tech companies use people’s data are a step in the right direction, more must be done in order to rein in the excesses of “surveillance capitalism.”

How Disinformation Spreads: Social Media’s Impact on Italy’s Elections

Alexandre Alaphilippe from EU DisinfoLab and fact-checker David Puente discuss how civil society cooperation helped monitor and counter online disinformation during the elections.