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Access to Knowledge

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Access to Knowledge

Access to knowledge is a founding principle of any open society. From classroom textbooks to scholarly research, legal information to scientific data, new technologies bring new opportunities for knowledge creation and dissemination. We support work that promotes access to knowledge, particularly among disadvantaged groups.

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Recent Work

For Those Seeking Education Opportunities Overseas, a Link to the Outside World

For students living in places with little access to information, figuring out how to study abroad can be daunting. A network of advising centers is changing that.

True or False? Fact-Checking Journalism Is Booming.

Around the world, small squadrons of journalists who speed-check facts and figures are changing how media works—and holding public officials to their word.

From a Refugee Camp to a Biophysics Lab

Dr. Admir Mašić earned his PhD and became a successful research scientist. But two decades ago he wasn’t even allowed to enroll in school.

Indicators for a Broad and Bold Education Agenda

These papers propose formulations for indicators that might inform civil society advocacy as well as negotiations aimed at settling post-2015 education targets, while highlighting potential unintended consequences.

Technology and the Future of Work: The State of the Debate

This review examines major perspectives on the role of technology in shaping the future of work.

The Transparency Law That’s Opening Up Pakistan

A groundbreaking right-to-information law is already bearing fruit in Pakistan, as citizens and the media use it to shine a light on government corruption and inefficiency.