Access to Medicines

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Access to Medicines

Access to Medicines

Despite advances in medical science, affordable safe and effective medicines remain inaccessible to billions of people worldwide. The Open Society Foundations support efforts to increase access to essential medicines for people in low-resource countries, especially for poor and marginalized populations.

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The following Open Society programs focus on this topic.

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Recent Work

Live Webcast: Public Health in a Populist Moment  

A live-streamed panel discussion on how right-wing populist politics are shaping the debate about public health.

Fighting Corruption in Health Care? There’s an App for That

Teams of coders and journalists from Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan recently took part in a hackathon to address abuses in government procurement of medicines.

Fact Sheet
Palliative Care and Human Rights for Older Persons

This fact sheet examines the growing need for older persons’ palliative care, and what steps governments should take to promote, protect, and ensure rights and access to care.

In the Fight against AIDS, People Who Inject Drugs Are Being Left Behind

Until we direct more resources towards harm reduction, we’ll never achieve the goal of ending AIDS.

The Link Between Drug Policy and Access to Medicines  

How drug control laws keep millions of patients from getting the medicines they need.

Will Brexit Make Britons Less Healthy?

Pro-Brexit leaders claimed that by leaving the European Union, the UK could shore up the National Health Service. Instead, they may have imperiled it.