Freedom of Information

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Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information

Silence and secrecy are two of the most powerful tools that governments can employ to mute critics and cloak their actions from public scrutiny. The Open Society Foundations work to uphold the right to speak and to know—in order to support public involvement in government and accountability, and to challenge corruption and human rights abuses.

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Recent Work

A Victory for the Truth about Mexico’s “Dirty War”

A ruling from Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice has given an important boost to those who want a proper accounting for abuses that included forced disappearances.

Data Brokers in an Open Society

This report explores the need for a clear regulatory agenda for data brokers, and looks at the broader issues of automated, data-driven decision making by large institutions.

How We Kept the Internet Open in Europe

When telecom companies launched an assault on net neutrality, a coalition of advocates fought back with an historic response.

An End to Peru’s Presidential Race Must Mark the Start of Electoral Reform

The country’s presidential election has been marred by loopholes, vague rules, and conflicting legal interpretations. Civil society is pushing for reforms.

Chelsea Manning’s 35-Year Sentence: Far Beyond All Norms

In a comparable case in Israel, a young woman soldier was given three-and-a-half years in prison, while a British intelligence officer received just six months after releasing “highly sensitive” documents.

21st Century Watergate? The Panama Papers and the Future Role of Investigative Journalism  

A conversation exploring the work of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project and the current status and implications of the Panama Papers.