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International Justice

International Justice

The Open Society Foundations seek to reduce impunity for serious crimes by helping domestic and international tribunals conduct effective investigations, carry out fair trials, and engage victims and affected communities.

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The following Open Society programs focus on this topic.

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Recent Work

Drugs and the Death Penalty

This report explores how the laws that subject drug offenders to capital punishment are inextricably linked to the international war on drugs.

Why Europe Must Own Up to Its Participation in CIA Torture

Nearly a year after a U.S. Senate report exposed CIA torture activities, the European countries that were complicit in the program still haven’t been held accountable.

Briefing Paper
The Trial of Bosco Ntaganda at the ICC

A summary of the main issues in the trial of Bosco Ntaganda before the International Criminal Court for with war crimes and crimes against humanity.

An ICC Investigation of Possible War Crimes in Palestine Could Benefit All Involved

The White House and Israel both oppose the court taking a role in the region, but the process holds tangible rewards for all parties.

Film Screening: Justice and the Generals

This film tells the 20-year saga of the search for justice in the rape and murder by military forces of four American churchwomen in El Salvador. A post-screening discussion will focus on recent developments in the case.

Using Transparency to Strengthen the Inter-American Human Rights System

This event features a presentation on the work of a new panel of experts monitoring the forthcoming election of new members to the Inter-American region’s human rights commission and court.