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International Justice

International Justice

The Open Society Foundations seek to reduce impunity for serious crimes by helping domestic and international tribunals conduct effective investigations, carry out fair trials, and engage victims and affected communities.

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Recent Work

Performance and Perception: The Impact of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Court of Cambodia

The Khmer Rouge tribunal in Cambodia is conducting the most ambitious prosecution for mass atrocity crimes since 1949. This report examines its achievements and its shortcomings.

Nepal’s Culture of Impunity Is Derailing Its Human Rights Investigations

Nearly 40 commissions have dug into the atrocities committed during the country’s internal conflicts. Nearly none of their recommendations have been implemented.

Introducing Our New Podcast on International Justice and Human Rights  

In the first episode of Open Society’s new monthly podcast, we examine the ICC trial of Laurent Gbagbo, former president of Ivory Coast.

Briefing Paper
The Trial of Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Blé Goudé at the ICC

This 10-page briefing paper provides legal and factual background on the trial of the former president of Ivory Coast and one of his senior allies over crimes allegedly committed in 2010-11.

Briefing Paper
Dominic Ongwen at the ICC: Confirmation of Charges

Dominic Ongwen, a former military leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group, headed by Joseph Kony, is charged with 67 counts of crimes against humanity and war crimes by the International Criminal Court.

Recent Developments at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia: December 2015

The Khmer Rouge tribunal has made significant progress recently, including hearing testimony related to charges of genocide in the case against Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan.