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International Justice

International Justice

The Open Society Foundations seek to reduce impunity for serious crimes by helping domestic and international tribunals conduct effective investigations, carry out fair trials, and engage victims and affected communities.

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Recent Work

A Balkan Lesson on the Limits of Courtroom Justice  

In our latest Talking Justice podcast, we explore whether the criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia achieved its goals.

The Extraordinary Journey To Bring a Murderous African Leader to Trial  

The trial of the former ruler of Chad, Hissène Habré, marks a remarkable success for international justice; it’s the first time a former African leader has been held to account for atrocity crimes before an African court.

Forensic Evidence Represents a Turning Point for Justice in Guatemala  

The investigation of one of Latin America’s largest mass graves is proving the critical role of forensic evidence in seeking justice for war crimes.

The Experiment in International Justice That Brought Down a President  

In this month’s Talking Justice podcast, we look at how a little-known UN commission helped expose the corruption scandal that ousted the president of Guatemala.

After Decades of Conflict, Colombia Could Finally Be on the Precipice of Peace

Colombia is nearing a historic peace agreement with the leftist guerrilla group FARC, but will face many obstacles in implementing the deal.

Briefing Paper
The Trial of Jean-Pierre Bemba at the ICC

This briefing paper reviews the legal issues in the trial of Jean-Pierre Bemba at the ICC, including arguments put forward by the prosecution and defense.