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National Security & Counterterrorism

National Security & Counterterrorism

The Open Society Foundations seek to investigate and combat human rights violations linked to national security and counterterrorism operations around the world. In the United States, we support work to promote national security policies that respect human rights, civil liberties, and the rule of law.

Recent Work

Colombia’s Peace Process Needs an Accountable Extractives Industry

A lasting peace with FARC will require a well-functioning mining industry, which is based in the rural provinces where the guerrilla group operates.

U.S. Military Assistance and Children’s Rights Violations: Lessons from Afghanistan

This expert panel will explore the record of conditionality on U.S. aid to Afghanistan and the practical steps that can be taken to improve implementation of U.S. laws relating to military assistance.

Countering Tajik–Afghan Border Insecurity

Join the Open Society Foundations for a discussion on Tajik-Afghan border communities and recommendations for border security policy.

The Loophole That Lets the U.S. Government Fund the Use of Child Soldiers

Since 2008, it’s been illegal for the United States to support militaries that use child soldiers, but a special provision of the law effectively renders it toothless.

Brussels’s Response to Attacks Under Scrutiny

Two capitals in one: a joint Belgian and European response is how we defeat terrorism.

Liberty on Hold: France’s Response to November’s Terror Attacks  

In this month’s Talking Justice podcast, we examine the emergency powers that grant the French government vast new authority to search and monitor citizens.

Open Society People

Senior Legal Officer, National Security and Counterterrorism
Open Society Foundations–New York, Open Society Justice Initiative
Senior Advisor, Washington Office
Open Society Foundations–Washington, D.C., Open Society Policy Center