Rule of Law

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Rule of Law

Rule of Law

We work internationally to develop effective and accountable justice systems. Nationally, we support and train lawyers and community paralegals, and seek to make justice accessible to all.

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Recent Work

Live Webcast—Book Launch: Assassination of a Saint

Matt Eisenbrandt joins a panel of experts to discuss his new book, which tells the story of the investigation into the killing of Archbishop Óscar Romero.

How Access to Justice Can Stop a Problem from Turning into a Crisis

To shape effective policy, we need to know more about the direct and indirect social and economic costs of unresolved legal problems.

Q&A: Lawyers on the Margins Find Creative Ways to Help Their Clients—and Each Other

Given worrying recent trends, the need for specialized legal assistance to vulnerable groups continues to grow. But this collaborative network of peers is rising to the challenge.

Film Screening and Q&A—Finding Oscar

Finding Oscar tells the remarkable and moving story of the search for justice for Guatemala's 1982 Dos Erres massacre—and how it changed one man's life forever.

El Salvador’s Sky-High Murder Rate Is Creating a Humanitarian Crisis

Gang violence is pushing death rates to levels on par with war-torn Syria, and displacing tens of thousands of people in the process.

Montenegro: Elections Aftermath and the European Commission’s 2016 Country Progress Reports

This report discusses the aftermath of the recently held parliamentary elections in Montenegro, the European Commission’s need to focus on rule of law reforms, and the lack of transparency in the EU accession process.