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Rule of Law

Rule of Law

We work internationally to develop effective and accountable justice systems. Nationally, we support and train lawyers and community paralegals, and seek to make justice accessible to all.

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The following Open Society programs focus on this topic.

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Recent Work

Undeniable Atrocities: Confronting Crimes against Humanity in Mexico

The Open Society Justice Initiative launches its new report on drug-related violence in Mexico, based on three years of research conducted in close cooperation with Mexican human rights organizations.

Book Launch—Five Ideas to Fight For: How Our Freedom Is Under Threat and Why It Matters  
In this livestreamed event, leading human rights lawyer Anthony Lester discusses his new book, which presents a powerful account of what’s needed to protect our hard-won rights and freedoms.
Fact Sheet
Everywhere Justice: Delivering Community Justice Services at Scale

This series of fact sheets outlines a range of different approaches to the provision of primary legal services around the world

Four Countries That Opened Their Closed Institutions—and Prevented Torture

A look back at how a simple but revolutionary idea helped prevent torture in some of the world’s darkest places.

Book Launch: How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything  

In this live-streamed event, Rosa Brooks discusses her new book, which examines what happens when the ancient boundary between war and peace is erased.

Time for Transparency in the Machinery of Global Rights

A drive for transparency over the selection of the next UN Secretary General reflects similar efforts by civil society in the global human rights system.