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Rule of Law

Rule of Law

We work internationally to develop effective and accountable justice systems. Nationally, we support and train lawyers and community paralegals, and seek to make justice accessible to all.

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Recent Work

When Law Doesn’t Rule: State Capture of the Judiciary, Prosecution, Police in Serbia

When the Law Doesn’t Rule identifies seven ways in which political control is exerted over the judiciary, prosecution, and police in Serbia, and how systemic weaknesses in the exercise of the rule of law are being exploited.

How International Justice Can Go Local

Over 30 national and regional initiatives have been launched to prosecute mass atrocity crimes since the early 1990s. A comprehensive new survey looks at the lessons learned.

A New Ambassador Offers a Chance to Start Again

U.S. Ambassador Donald Lu arrives in Kyrgyzstan at an unusual and precarious moment. But before he can get to work in support of Kyrgyzstan's drive to strengthen the rule of law, he'll need to address a lingering issue.

How the Open Society Foundations Are Defending Free Speech in Hungary

The Hungarian government’s attacks against free speech are an attack on the rights of us all. Here’s what we're doing to support the Hungarian people.

Why John Bolton’s Diatribe against the International Criminal Court Is Misleading, Misguided, and Wrong

The U.S. national security advisor has sown confusion and fury among defenders of the International Criminal Court. His crude attacks don’t just show contempt for the rule of law—they undercut U.S. interests.

John McCain’s Profile in Courage

The late U.S. senator left a complicated legacy. But throughout his career, McCain never wavered in his opposition to torture, or his support for human rights abroad. History will remember and honor these heroic stances.