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Rule of Law

Rule of Law

We work internationally to develop effective and accountable justice systems. Nationally, we support and train lawyers and community paralegals, and seek to make justice accessible to all.

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Recent Work

Live Webcast: Drug Crop Production, Poverty, and Development
An international panel of researchers and growers from Colombia, Morocco, Peru, and the United States discuss the role of drug crop production in poverty and development.
With Targets on Their Backs: Providing Health Care in Conflicts Without Rules

An expert panel explores how violations of medical neutrality are used as weapons of war—and the impact this has on humanitarian organizations offering aid.

In Mexico, Many Deaths in Custody but Few Investigations

In Mexico, the problem of deaths in custody―and the failure to investigate them―is particularly acute.

Five Years After the Revolution, Tunisia’s Fragile Transition Still Inspires Hope

Grim as the future may sometimes look, the country continues to work toward freedom and democracy.

Kyrgyzstan Enlists Hundreds of Doctors in Its Fight against Torture

For years, Kyrgyzstan’s government denied allegations of torture. Today, not only is it acknowledging the problem—it’s helping to train medical professionals to stop it.

Joint NGO Submission on Implementation of European Court Judgments

A submission by the Open Society Justice Initiative and other human rights groups to the Council of Europe working party on reform of the European human rights system.