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South Asia

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South Asia

Through offices in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and a local partner in Nepal, the Open Society Foundations support local programs and organizations focusing on human rights law and legal training, media, government accountability, minority rights, and research and advocacy to improve education.

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Recent Work

The Stabilizing Power of School for Children with Disabilities in Pakistan

Pakistan’s inclusive education programs are still in the pilot stage, but provincial governments hope to scale them up in the coming years.

As Executions Surge in Pakistan, One Group Works to Protect Death Row’s Most Vulnerable  

Pakistan is putting hundreds to death, including people with mental illnesses. Shifting public opinion could change that.

Nepali and Colombian Journalists Join Forces to Protect Their Peers

Colombia has made strides in protecting journalists from physical attacks. Now, a group of Nepali journalists is working to apply some of these methods in a different context.

Keeping the Internet Open for All in Pakistan  

Internet censorship in Pakistan is reaching new heights, threatening freedom of expression and the right to privacy.

Why Transformation Is Taking Such a Long Time in India and the Role that Art Can Play  

How artists, environmentalists, conservationists, and political actors are contributing to the revitalization of the city of Varanasi.

Pakistan Begins to See How Early Childhood Development Could Transform Its Future

Focusing on the well-being of its youngest citizens is a long-term investment that could pay dividends for decades to come.