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Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia

Open Society Foundations activities in Southeast Asia aim to help Burma transition to an open society and support efforts by civil society groups in other countries in the region to improve human rights, promote good governance, strengthen media freedoms, and effectively participate in initiatives such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

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Recent Work

Burma’s Voters See a Bright Future for Their Country, Polls Show

Public polling indicates that citizens are solidly behind the National League for Democracy’s priorities—and never had much confidence in the ousted military regime.

Academics Come Out in Force Against Indonesia’s Drug Crackdown

With raids, forced treatment, executions, and a declared state of emergency, Indonesia’s drug war is out of control. Now a group of academics is rallying against it.

Can Malaysia’s Leading Independent News Site Survive a Censorship Law?

Against the odds, the Malaysiakini group has managed to turn a profit while maintaining its independent voice, but a crackdown on press freedoms threatens its success.

Exiled to Nowhere: Discussions on Intolerance and Inclusion in Burma

As part of the global tour of the photography exhibition Exiled to Nowhere: Burma’s Rohingya, this discussion focuses on the challenges and intolerance facing ethnic minorities in Burma.

The Tricky Practice—and Vast Potential—of Public Polling in Burma

A new study shows that even in a society where freedom of expression is restricted, pollsters can learn a lot about what people want from their government.

From Novelty to Normalcy: Polling in Myanmar’s Democratic Transition

This report examines the state of opinion research in Myanmar, identifies challenges, and makes recommendations for improvements.

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March 1, 2017