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The Open Society Foundations promote the advancement of women’s rights, gender equality, and empowerment as an integral part of free and democratic societies.

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Recent Work

Women Challenging Norms to Power Economies Winners Celebration

Ashoka, UN Women, and the Open Society Foundations celebrate the winners of our Challenging Norms, Powering Economies: Women and Non-Traditional Partners in Africa and the Middle East challenge.

Film Screening and Discussion—When “Do-Gooders” Do Harm

Last month, ProPublica broke a shocking exposé about sexual abuse in an American charity in Liberia. We will explore what happens when good intentions among NGOs collide with the realities of operating without accountability.

An End to Manels II: Closing the Gender Gap at Europe’s Top Policy Events

An End to Manels II is the second report in a two-part series to examine the gender gap and Europe’s top policy events. The report examines data from 23 conferences in Europe, over the course of five years.

Expecting Better: Improving Health and Rights for Pregnant Women Who Use Drugs

This publication serves as a guide for those wishing to implement gender-responsive approaches and policies tailored for pregnant women who use drugs.

How to Ensure That Women and Girls Count in Government Budgets

When women are underrepresented in policymaking, the result can be seemingly neutral decisions which have a disproportionate—and negative—influence on women and girls. A new way of thinking about budgets may offer a solution.

For Diplomacy That Looks Like the United States, Civil Society Must Lead by Example

To improve its foreign policy and national security decision-making, the United States needs a State Department and a national security workforce that reflects the diversity of its citizens.