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The Open Society Foundations promote the advancement of women’s rights, gender equality, and empowerment as an integral part of free and democratic societies.

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Recent Work

The Fight to End HIV Is Also a Fight for Women’s Rights

The recipient of the International AIDS Society’s inaugural Prudence Mabele Prize, Duduzile Dlamini, is a reminder to the world that the rights of women and girls cannot be treated as an obstacle to public health.

What is the Global Gag Rule?

Many people have heard of the "global gag rule," but what it actually does—and why it fails women and those who want fewer unsafe abortions—is less understood. This explainer answers some basic and crucial questions.

The Crisis Afflicting Kazakhstan’s Youth

Large majorities of young, sexually active Kazakhstani citizens are not using contraception, with predictable results. A new report examines the roots of the problem and offers recommendations for how to fix it.

Film Screening and Discussion—RBG: A Documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This documentary film examines the personal journey of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s rise to the nation’s highest court.

Refiguring the Future—A NetGain Event

What will artificial intelligence do to our world? A dynamic discussion of how artists intersect with science and technology—and the diverse and creative ways they can help us understand and shape our tomorrows.

Fact Sheet
Restrictions on Muslim Women’s Dress in the 28 EU Member States

This fact sheet maps EU laws and pending legislation restricting religious dress—specifically the headscarf and face veil worn by Muslim women.