Afghan Photo Exhibit Seeks to Redefine Peace

It’s been said that peace is not merely the absence of war, but the presence of justice. That spirit underpinned the Peace Campaign 2015 photo exhibition that ran from November 25 to 27 in the historical Bagh-e Babur Park in Kabul.

Organized by Watch on Basic Rights Afghanistan (WBRAO) with the support of Open Society Afghanistan, the exhibit defines peace in a multitude of ways that go well beyond security and politics. In these photos, peace is coexistence, freedom of speech, political and social liberties, lack of violence against women, opportunity for all, and the beauty of nature.

Taken by Afghan photographers, the photos—over a hundred in all—are meant to provoke thought among viewers, and make them consider what peace means to them. Moreover, the exhibit aims to send a message to the government of Afghanistan that ending war in the country cannot come at any price. We do not see peace as only a lack of war—it must come with social and political rights for everyone.

It already appears to be sparking debate. On a recent day at the exhibit, visitors discussed among themselves how it might contribute to the peace process and inspire young people. Representatives from several civil society organizations, media outlets, Open Society Afghanistan, and the selecting panel of prestigious Afghan artists were also present.

“If we think from another angle, these photos show another face of Afghanistan—one that is not always war and hostility,” said Mohammad Rahim Jami, advocacy and campaign manager at WBRAO.

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Bravo, what a beautiful array of photos and positive message, unlike what is so often portrayed of Afghanistan. These photos could truly challenge (and correct) some common Western views on Afghan culture.

Very good to hear about local engagement around the exhibit, as well.

The 7 photos taken by Afghan photographers are so welcoming and pleasing to the eyes ... after all the devastating content from print, photos to videotapes !

With the opening week of the New Year - We must all start thinking how to bring about real peace ... peace against war ... peace against violence ... peace against any abuse towards human dignity ... How can this be achieved in a realistic manner ?

Great Thoughts, Great Peace!
Peace of Minds Is Always The Last Word!
Thanks For Afghanistan Its New Paths of Peace,
Good Luck, And Still A Wish for Yemen!

Peace certainly isn't the absence of war, these photos give hope for the coming generation....There are so many Afghans in Australia who would love to see this/their beautiful country again. For them I hope this is a real probability.

Cambodia want to have Peace fully from heart, because now the men from Community, the men from Factory and from political party have full anger in the heart and do the violence act that are affected to women and children and it's copy to children to learn in School and in the Public...
So Positive Change for Cambodia want to conduct on big Event this 2016 to bring Peace to Home, to Society and to the World...

Good for Afghans and global peace. Peace indeed is the presence of social justice, freedom of expression, equity, political and economic rights. It is the freedom from all forms of structural violence. It is not the absence of contradictions and differences but the willingness and patient to manage them within a framework of collective satisfaction

For this photo i donot see a lot of photo of Hezare of others people of afghanstan and i think you should view all of afghanstan and all of people and that is help for Peace i left Afghanstan 28 years and i wish some they my cuntry be peace for all

My memory of the Panjshiere river and Anjuman with the gentle and kind hospitality of the villages on this beautiful river valley prove the basis for the ground of peace, we willnow share with our Afghan brothers and sisters, with the blessing of God

Back to theRomance; ideals and cultures of:


~ frm.CARAVANS, a novel, by James Michener

Peace is in need of presentations like this to make it possible for the dream of peace to survive, especially for youth who have only known wars, a great THANK you to the artists

Yes, peace can only be realised with your neighbour when you have peace within or with yourself. A big thanks to the Afghan people of this displayed peace.

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