Law Talks: Julia Harrington Reddy on Discrimination

Julia Harrington Reddy, a lawyer at the Open Society Justice Initiative, considers the challenges and effectiveness of using strategic litigation in the battle to end discrimination. She looks at what an advocate needs to do to prove discriminatory behavior, and the human challenges of finding willing plaintiffs. 

Law Talks presents conversations with lawyers at the Open Society Justice Initiative aimed at introducing law students and others to current issues in public interest litigation.

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Discrimination by Common Cause during the Nov. 6th 2013 election by asking for Hispanic lawyers to be sent to a city where racial profiling was being practiced and instead sending us to a wealthy gated community and golf course area. We were a Hispanic attorney, a Chinese attorney and a social worker. Needless to say, we ended up assisting those who promoted the racial profiling laws instead of the victims. After writing to Common Cause they have failed to respond. We need your assistance.

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