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The following is a list of the current Open Society Fellows.

Madawi al-Rasheed

Madawi al-Rasheed is writing about young Saudi Islamists and their attitudes toward democratization and the Arab uprisings.

Michael Bach

Michael Bach is designing a strategy that enables people with significant disabilities to enjoy full recognition under the law.

Helen Epstein

Helen Epstein is writing a book on charity and the politics of epidemics.

Vanda Felbab-Brown

Felbab-Brown is studying seven illicit economies to draw lessons about ways to enhance human rights and security.

Jennifer Gordon

Jennifer Gordon is addressing the substantial harms that global labor recruitment and subcontracting pose to workers’ rights, transparency, and democracy in an open society.

Katrin Hansing

Katrin Hansing is examining the impact of the complex economic and social reforms currently taking place in Cuba.

James Murombedzi

James Murombedzi is looking at how land expropriations affect rural farmers and local governance in Africa.

Ben Rawlence

Ben Rawlence is recording the stories of young Somali refugees in Kenya, to learn of their hopes for their country and their aspirations for themselves.

Leonard Wantchekon

Leonard Wantchekon is examining the complex relationship between rural infrastructure availability and food insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa.

Timothy A.Wise

Timothy A. Wise is studying the hidden links between food security and commodities markets.