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The following is a list of the current Open Society Fellows.

Madawi al-Rasheed

Madawi al-Rasheed is writing about young Saudi Islamists and their attitudes toward democratization and the Arab uprisings.

David Cole

Law professor David Cole will write a book that explores the effectiveness of civil society organizations in making human rights meaningful.

Jacob Dlamini

Jacob Dlamini’s work examines the lingering effects of the apartheid-era culture of secrecy on South Africa’s efforts to forge a democratic and open society.

Helen Epstein

Helen Epstein will write a book on charity and the politics of epidemics.

Vanda Felbab-Brown

Felbab-Brown will study seven illicit economies to draw lessons about ways to enhance human rights and security.

James Forman, Jr.

James Forman, Jr., is writing the history of criminal justice policy in Washington, D.C., from the 1970s to the present.

Mark Gevisser

Mark Gevisser is writing a book on the rights of sexual minorities in the age of globalization.

Jennifer Gordon

Jennifer Gordon will address the substantial harms that global labor recruitment and subcontracting pose to workers’ rights, transparency, and democracy in an open society.

Asim Rafiqui

Photojournalist Asim Rafiqui will use a variety of media to present a more nuanced and personal perspective on the issue of access to justice in Pakistan.

Ben Rawlence

Ben Rawlence will record the stories of young Somali refugees in Kenya, to learn of their hopes for their country and their aspirations for themselves.

Sarah Spencer

Spencer is investigating the provision of essential services to irregular migrants across Europe.

Timothy A.Wise

Timothy A. Wise studies the hidden links between food security and commodities markets.