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The activities of the Open Society Foundations in Europe focus on bolstering well-entrenched democracies while building up less stable ones, promoting minority inclusion in policymaking, supporting good governance and accountability, advancing education and public health reform, and helping societies adjust to European integration.

Open Society Voices

Migrant Destitution Is Not the Answer to the Welfare Question

September 23, 2014 by Jonathan Price

A new study shows what increasingly restrictive welfare systems are doing to migrant children and their families in two European cities.

For Chechen Women, Modesty is the New Normal

September 19, 2014 by Yukiko Yamagata 5

Photographer Diana Markosian traveled to Chechnya to explore what it means to come of age as a young woman living under an increasingly repressive regime.

Success Starts in the Classroom for Somalis in Leicester

September 17, 2014 by Jawaahir Daahir 2

Somali pupils in Leicester—host to one of the largest UK Somali communities—have demonstrated the biggest improvement in school attainment among many minorities. This is a testament to the city’s integration success story.

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