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The Open Society Foundations use advocacy and litigation to combat the marginalization of racial and ethnic minorities in Europe, taking on cases involving migrants, school segregation, violence against Roma, and policies that ban Muslims from wearing the hijab or building mosques.

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The following Open Society programs focus on this topic.

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Recent work

Exiled to Nowhere: Discussions on Intolerance and Inclusion in Burma

As part of the global tour of the photography exhibition Exiled to Nowhere: Burma’s Rohingya, this discussion focuses on the challenges and intolerance facing ethnic minorities in Burma.

We Want to Hear What You Think About the European Roma Institute
The idea of an institute for Roma culture and heritage is more relevant and urgent than ever. Now we want your feedback.
European Roma Institute

The European Roma Institute is proposed as an independent organization with the mission of increasing the self-esteem of Roma by means of arts, culture, history, and media.

The Forgotten History of Romani Resistance

For too long, Roma have been misrepresented by stereotypes. Romani Resistance Day in Europe attempts to balance the narrative.

A Chance to Rewrite America’s Racial Narrative

Too many police departments, educators, journalists, and health care providers default to a criminal caricature of blackness.

What Will the UN’s International Decade for People of African Descent Mean for Europe?

Swedish scholar-activist Michael McEachrane talks about Europe’s ongoing racial problems, the global effort to fight them, and why reparations can work.