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The Open Society Foundations use advocacy and litigation to combat the marginalization of racial and ethnic minorities in Europe, taking on cases involving migrants, school segregation, violence against Roma, and policies that ban Muslims from wearing the hijab or building mosques.

Recent work

Lessons from Wales on How to Value Diversity and Inclusion

Isaac Blake, director of the Romani Cultural and Arts Company, discusses the biggest challenges that Roma, Gypsy, and Traveller communities face in the United Kingdom.

Understanding Migration and Asylum in the European Union

The real crisis around migration is in Europe’s poor response to irregular migrants and asylum seekers, including the EU’s ability to keep people safe and secure.

Triumphs of Dalit People Against Discrimination: An Insider View  

Martin Macwan of Navsarjan Trust speaks about educational, socioeconomic, and legal interventions that have enabled Dalit people (previously known as “untouchables”) to triumph against severe discrimination in India.

Freedom Summer: 50 Years and Beyond  

Panelists discuss Freedom Summer, a Stanley Nelson documentary about the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project, which occurred 50 years ago this year and proved to be instrumental in the U.S. movement for civil rights.

Lessons from the White Working Class Community in Stockholm

The municipality of Botkyrka was the focus of an Open Society report on white working class communities in Stockholm. The report’s authors discuss how majority Swedes experience Sweden’s demographic change.

Ferguson, Missouri: Not Just an American Tragedy

Around the world, young people of color bear the brunt of racial discrimination by police officers. But they can also help us find ways to end it.

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