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Documentary Photography

Documentary Photography

Through grants and exhibitions, the Open Society Foundations support photography to engage and mobilize people around issues of justice and human rights.

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Recent Work

Moving Walls 22 / Watching You, Watching Me Opening Reception

Moving Walls 22 / Watching You, Watching Me is an exhibition that explores how photography has been used as an instrument of surveillance, as well as a tool to expose and challenge its far-reaching negative effects.

For Chechen Women, Modesty is the New Normal  

Photographer Diana Markosian traveled to Chechnya to explore what it means to come of age as a young woman living under an increasingly repressive regime.

Growing Pains in California’s Most Neglected Region  

Photographer Matt Black documents California’s Central Valley, one of the richest farming regions in the world, but also home to many of the poorest communities in the United States.

Life on the Margins of China’s Economic Boom  

Documentary photographer Sim Chi Yin looks at the human faces behind China’s massive and rapid urbanization.

Taking a Closer Look at Surveillance Culture Through Photography

A new exhibit explores how photography has been used both as an instrument of surveillance and as a tool to document, expose, and challenge the impact of surveillance on basic freedoms.

A Photographer Goes Behind the “Roma Walls”  

Björn Steinz aims to overcome the physical—and psychological—walls erected to exclude the Roma.