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European Union

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European Union

The Open Society Foundations work to influence and inform European Union policies to ensure that open society values are at the heart of what the EU does, both inside and outside its borders.

Recent Work

Briefing Paper
2014 and Beyond: Priorities for the European Union

This briefing paper presents policy areas that require an effective EU response and where Open Society has expertise as a donor and advocate of human rights and universal values.

No Summer Break: Repression in and around Russia Has Been Heating Up

The large-scale crises we see around the world today began with the kind of arrests, censorship, and everyday repression happening in Russia and the surrounding region.

Updates from Ukraine: Implications of a “Post-Maidan” Environment for Open Society  

Inna Pidluska of Ukraine’s International Renaissance Foundation discusses Ukraine’s evolving political culture, early elections, and potential opportunities for civil society and parliamentarians to pursue a reform agenda.

A Deeper Look at Europe’s Election Results

How will the populist surge affect European politics? What can supporters of tolerance and diversity do?

Briefing Paper
A Fundamental Rights Strategy for the European Union

The European Parliament election results show a rise in apathy and hostility towards the EU. A fundamental rights strategy could help to boost the Union’s legitimacy in the eyes of the public.

In Europe, Tackling Hate Speech with Humor

There’s nothing inherently funny about the xenophobia that is on the rise in Europe. But satire and humor are proving to be useful tools in the fight against intolerance.

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Director, Open Society European Policy Institute / Open Society Foundations EU Affairs
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