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Law and Health

Law and Health

The Open Society Foundations promote societies in which the rule of law and respect for human rights safeguard the health of all, especially the most vulnerable. This includes people living with HIV or tuberculosis, people needing palliative care, people who use drugs, people with disabilities, prisoners, ethnic minorities, sex workers, and sexual minorities.

Recent Work

End AIDS by 2030? Not at This Rate.

Less than one percent of global AIDS funding goes toward human rights work, even though we know it is critical to ending AIDS.

To Protect and Serve

This report shows how public health–centered law enforcement can reduce the risk of HIV infections among sex workers and people who use drugs.

Value and Impact of Strategic Litigation: Fool’s Paradise or Indispensable Weapon?  

This panel discussion explores the promise and perils of strategic litigation, often a hallmark of Open Society Foundations’ funding and operations.

The Open Society Foundations at the 20th International AIDS Conference

This document details the Open Society Foundations’ participation at the 20th International AIDS conference in Melbourne, Australia.

From the UN, A Powerful Tool to Stop Forced Sterilization

Forced sterilization is an egregious and common abuse within health care settings around the world. Now, advocates are now armed with a powerful tool to end this abuse through litigation and policy reform.

Briefing Paper
HIV and Human Rights: A Mapping of Donor Priorities and Trends in Southern Africa

This paper reports the findings of a 2012 study on HIV and human rights donor trends in Southern Africa. It identifies opportunities to leverage donor support and for donor collaboration.