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The Open Society Foundations support efforts to promote equal opportunities and challenge all forms of discrimination faced by Roma, Europe’s largest and most excluded ethnic minority.

Recent Work

The Myth of the Spanish Model of Roma Inclusion

Spain is held up as a model of Roma inclusion in Europe. The real story isn’t so simple.

Updates from Ukraine: Implications of a “Post-Maidan” Environment for Open Society  

Inna Pidluska of Ukraine's International Renaissance Foundation discusses Ukraine’s evolving political culture, early elections, and potential opportunities for civil society and parliamentarians to pursue a reform agenda.

Two Survivors of the Roma Genocide Share Their Stories  

On the 70th anniversary of the largest mass killing of Roma by the Nazis, two Roma Genocide survivors recounted their experiences.

A Battle for Roma History in the Czech Republic  

There is no more appropriate metaphor for Europe’s collective amnesia about the plight of Roma during the Holocaust than the Czech government’s inability to remove a pig farm on the site of a former concentration camp.

What Is the Roma Genocide?

During World War II, the Nazis and their collaborators killed hundreds of thousands of Roma men, women, and children across German-occupied Europe.

A Photographer Goes Behind the “Roma Walls”  

Björn Steinz aims to overcome the physical—and psychological—walls erected to exclude the Roma.

Open Society People

Director, Roma Initiatives Office
Open Society Institute–Budapest, Roma Initiatives Office