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The Open Society Foundations support efforts to promote equal opportunities and challenge all forms of discrimination faced by Roma, Europe’s largest and most excluded ethnic minority.

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The following Open Society programs focus on this topic.

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Recent Work

Why We Are Setting Up a European Roma Institute

The value of building up the confidence of the Roma should not be underestimated.

I Am Roma, I Am an Albanian Citizen

A group of Roma youth is changing the game for Albania’s Roma communities, raising their visibility and reframing their self-image.

From Medicine to Passports, Mediators Help Ukraine’s Roma Get What They Need

During a time of change, a group bridges the gap between Ukraine’s disenfranchised minority and social services.

The Documentary about Romanians that Sparked Protests in the UK

A TV show about Romanian migrants living in the UK has been criticized for promoting ugly stereotypes, but who is it really depicting?

When Roma Children Get a Better Education, Society Benefits

A new report confirms that education is a critical area of intervention for Roma children in Croatia, yet finds glaring gaps in its provision.

Case Watch: Inaccessible Electricity Meters for Roma Challenged under EU Law

In some mainly Roma districts in Bulgaria, the electricity company CEZ keeps the electricity meters on tall poles in the street, out of easy reach of householders.

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