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The Open Society Foundations support efforts to promote equal opportunities and challenge all forms of discrimination faced by Roma, Europe’s largest and most excluded ethnic minority.

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Recent Work

When Roma Children Get a Better Education, Society Benefits

A new report confirms that education is a critical area of intervention for Roma children in Croatia, yet finds glaring gaps in its provision.

Case Watch: Inaccessible Electricity Meters for Roma Challenged under EU Law

In some mainly Roma districts in Bulgaria, the electricity company CEZ keeps the electricity meters on tall poles in the street, out of easy reach of householders.

Putting an End to the Myth that Roma Families Drain Slovakia’s Welfare System  

A new analysis of Slovakia’s social welfare system debunks the notion that Roma families are a drain on public funds.

How Getting Involved in Politics Transformed One Roma Village’s Future  

Filipeştii de Târg shows how systematic disenfranchisement can hold back a people—and how a community determined to break free of this can change its trajectory for generations to come.

Stronger Together: The Case for a European Parliament Intergroup against Racism

A collection of European Parliament members has proposed the creation of a parliamentary intergroup to promote equality and nondiscrimination. Why is such a group needed and how would it shape the Parliament’s views?

Fact Sheet
European Union Funding for Roma

The EU devotes a considerable amount of its funds to provide support for marginalized groups; some of these funds reach Roma communities. This fact sheet provides basic points on EU funding on Roma since 2007.

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