Woman reading at a market

Fauziyya D. Sulaiman, a romance novelist in Nigeria, reads a book at the market after dropping off her newest release for sale. The photography from the Moving Walls 23: Journeys exhibition features people from across the globe escaping hardship and creating new spaces in which to make their voices heard. The Open Society Foundations support the right to determine one’s own future, free from the burden of violence, discrimination, or restrictions on freedom of expression.

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Image credit: © Glenna Gordon
Two men wrapped in gold blankets

Two men who have just arrived on the Greek island of Lesbos watch boats filled with Syrian refugees approach the beach from the Turkish coast. The summer of 2015 saw a surge in the number of migrants and refugees arriving in Europe. The Open Society Foundations support endeavors to assist them as they escape conflict in their home countries and strive for better lives.

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Image credit: © Espen Rasmussen/Panos
Couples celebrate in front of the White House

After major victories for same-sex marriage in the United States and Ireland, the focus shifts to parts of the world where marriage equality remains a distant dream. In nearly 40 percent of the world’s countries, homosexual conduct between consenting adults remains criminal. The Open Society Foundations support efforts to end discrimination against LGBTI people everywhere.

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Image credit: © Michael S. Williamson/Getty
A protest in Baltimore

A child uses a megaphone to address hundreds of demonstrators at a protest against police brutality outside the Baltimore Police Western District station on April 22, 2015. Across the United States, communities are calling for policing reforms in the wake of several tragic deaths. The Open Society Foundations supports such reforms and works to ensure accountability and end discriminatory practices in law enforcement.

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Image credit: © Chip Somodevilla/Getty
Muslim residents walking past graffiti

Muslim residents walk past racial slurs painted on the walls of a mosque in the town of Saint-Étienne in central France. In recent years, Islamophobia in Europe has been fueled by public anxiety over immigration and the integration of Muslim minorities into European cultural majorities. The Open Society Foundations have worked for over a decade to combat discrimination against Muslims in Europe and to make sure that Muslim minorities co-exist with equal rights in their national communities.

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Image credit: © Laurent Cipriani/AP


About George Soros

Investor and philanthropist George Soros established the Open Society Foundations to help countries make the transition from communism.

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Our Mission

The Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people.

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Open Society Voices

A new report suggests that fear-based abstinence programs like D.A.R.E. might actually increase drug use among youth.

This year, 271 murdered trans and gender-diverse people will be added to the list of those honored on Transgender Day of Remembrance.



Ukrainian and EU-based experts will bring insights from the country, as well as an international dimension, to the discussion on the state of implementation of reforms in Ukraine.


This event brings together experiences of researchers, harm reduction advocates, and law enforcement to describe how to protect the rights and health of the most vulnerable members of society.