Joseph Rodriguez

1 year

Joseph Rodriguez will partner with New American Media (NAM) to train journalism students at Santa Clara University and the University of California, Berkeley, as well as youth reporters from San Jose and Richmond, California, to sensitively and accurately document the stories of people re-entering society after incarceration, with a special focus on their children. Using photographs from his body of work, “Re-entry in Los Angeles,” Rodriguez will lead two workshops at each university, and help participants produce multi-media stories to be shown at forums at both universities and at the California Research Bureau (CRB) in Sacramento. These forums will convene emerging journalists, people re-entering society after incarceration, ethnic and community media, as well as criminal justice experts. NAM will also collaborate with its community partners, Silicon Valley DeBug, Richmond Pulse, and CRB to create and distribute a video documenting the entire project to policy makers who participate in NAM’s California Council on Youth Relations forum in order to strengthen advocacy for programs and policies that advance criminal justice reforms in California.