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We seek to bend the exercise of economic power towards social justice.
The Economic Advancement Program promotes economic opportunities for the marginalized in ways that uphold inclusive, open, and prosperous societies.

Economic Advancement Program

Economic power can be used to oppress or liberate. At the Economic Advancement Program, we work with and support people across the world, from the Middle East to sub-Saharan Africa, from South Asia to Europe and the United States, who want economic power to be used for social justice.

Because economic systems are complex, we deploy a mix of interventions. We make private sector investments through the program’s investment vehicle, the Soros Economic Development Fund, to yield social impact, we support civil society actors advancing economic justice, we advise governments on economic policy, and we build coalitions to foment progressive change. Throughout all of our work, we seek to maximize participation.

Specifically, the Economic Advancement Program works to:

  • support the socioeconomic wellbeing of, and cohesion between, refugees and the many communities which host them
  • transform agricultural economic systems to empower vulnerable smallholder farmers
  • spur economic opportunity for women, especially those employed informally
  • encourage countries undergoing transition to adopt progressive economic policies
  • promote business ownership models that recognize workers’ rights and dignity
  • foster innovative methods for decreasing extreme economic insecurity

The program is headquartered in London and has staff in both New York and Budapest.