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We invest in economic development that promotes social justice.
The Economic Advancement Program empowers vulnerable people and communities in the transformation of economies.

Economic Advancement Program

A society’s economy can and should serve to advance human rights and freedoms.

The Economic Advancement Program was launched in 2016 to work at the nexus of economic development and social justice. While economic growth does not necessarily promote societal equity, “economic advancement” is economic development that reinforces the development of social justice. We work to encourage economic transformation that increases material opportunity in ways that promote open and prosperous societies.

These are systemic problems that require systemic interventions. We combine social impact investments in private sector enterprises with grants to community and civil society groups. At the same time, we engage governments and multilateral institutions on ways to promote economic advancement and facilitate public discourse on social justice and development issues.

The Economic Advancement Program strives to ensure that economically and socially marginalized groups are active participants in the decision making that affects their lives.

The Soros Economic Development Fund is a key part of the program. It makes private sector investments that fund well-governed commercial institutions to play a meaningful role in promoting open societies, and to advance the interests of underserved populations. It has offices in London, New York, and Johannesburg, and deploys investment capital.